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To Do - Site Management

  • install the category thing hot cats or whatever
  • Make a home page
  • get rid of logo, throw up something ($wgLogo)
  • Do parking page
  • Figure out how to see all pages
  • Write 100 pages and keep track of them here
  • Investing link to bogleheads but be on the lookout for topics not covered there or see if topics are covered as I think they should be (consider getting account there if it's a true Wiki)
  • write out topic tree
  • fix inabiilty to click on and edit user page
  • pull and put Amazon affiliate language
  • On home, terms and conditions ish - can't edit affiliate links
  • add wyswyg editor (visual editor?
  • learn how to add tables
  • set up a credit card affiliate site

Taxonomy - Article Ideas

The Big Three

  • Housing (utilities, home repair, house hacking)
    • Rent vs Buy
    • Furniture
    • Mortgages
    • Pay off Mortgage vs. Invest
  • Food (Costco, Aldi, Killing Your $100 Grocery Bill, Price Book (monetize mine with one of those things were you sign up for something, can't remember what it's called), dumpster diving, freegan, cooking)
  • Transportation (used cars, electric cars, hybird cars, Teslas)

Personal Life

  • Grooming
    • Grooming - All Genders
    • Grooming - Women-specific
    • Grooming - Men-specific

Hair Makeup Clothes

  • online buying


  • engagement rings

Mustachian Essentials - Bicylcing (road bikes, cargo bikes, accessories, safety, biking in heat, biking in cold, biking to work) - DIY (cleaning, fixing, home repair, mending) - Health (biking, barbells, hiking, gym memberships)



  • Health insurance
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
    • Dentistry
    • Opthamology
      • Glasses & Contact Lenses


  • spouse on board
  • parents (elderly parents, parents who dont have money, carpentourism)
  • divorce
  • dating


  • North America
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Australia
  • Asia
  • South America

METHODS of travel Air Car RV Boat/ship (cruises, houseboats, sailboats) LODGING Airbnb, VRBO, hostel, camping

THINGS Travel Hacking

  • credit cards
  • Frequent Customer Programs


  • Gifts for Other Kids
  • College
  • Baby Gear
  • Clothes

Work Life (Income?)

          • Eating at Work
  • Making More Money
  • Enjoying Work More


  • Employment by Others
  • Self Employment
  • Side Hustles (Airbnb hosting)

Bank account churning Selling credit lines (is that the name of it?)

  • People with Disabilities (MP posts)
  • LGBTQ+

Anti-consumerism Minimalism Frugality Mustachian Philosophy of Happiness Environmentalism Pro-capitalist Mustachianism Anti-capitalist Mustachianism (self directed IRA)


  • The 4% Rule
  • Savings Rate (the savings rate debate)
  • FIRE Calculators
  • Order of Investing
  • nontaxable investment vehicles (in the US, in Canada, in UK, etc)
  • Real Estate investing (landlording)

House hacking

Books Your Money or Your Life The Simple Path to Wealth

Writers Vicky Robin Joe Dominiguez (her writing partner, is that his name?)

Bloggers ChooseFI Mad Fientist Paula Pant (Afford Anything) Early Retirement Extreme

Controversies Suze Orman

Long term to do

This is where long term to do list will go

Media Wiki help cut from front page

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Getting started